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Employee Review Report Name Job Title Department Review Period Instructions: Complete this form during regular employee reviews (quarterly or semi-annual). Go over each point with the employee. Make
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Comments and Help with job performance evaluation forms
Use two or more codes for the same job. For example, a U employee with a U Unsatisfactory rating in all four areas will have only an U Unsatisfactory rating for a given job until a second U Unsatisfactory rating is recorded for that same job. Evaluation Results: Record all employee evaluations. These include individual items, composite items or overall ratings. A negative evaluation or one where an employee's performance was not satisfactory should be completed on a separate line for each job, and kept in the employee's file. The same job should not be taken twice because the same ratings may be achieved in different areas. An employee's evaluation report should also include an explanation of the employee's actions and a brief description of the problem addressed. When completed correctly, it should be an easy read and a valid record of the employee's performance. The employee should discuss his/her actions with the supervisor and take responsibility for his/her job performance if applicable. A copy of the evaluation should be retained in the employee's file for future reference and should be kept at the office for a period of years and be reviewed periodically to ensure it accurately reflects the employee's performance. How To Retire an Employee Who Has Been Rated Unsatisfactory Unsatisfactory rating. If an employee with an unsatisfactory rating has not been disciplined or discharged, the employer must follow specific procedures which may be explained at the time of their retirement. The following sections give examples that may indicate appropriate actions. Retiring an Employee If an employee has an unsatisfactory rating and the employee does not respond to the recommendations of his manager or supervisor, the employer must: Retain a copy of the report for six months and review the information with the employee; if necessary, fire the employee from the job; and if possible, use reasonable efforts to help the employee to transfer to another job and/or retirement. How To Resolve An Employee's Questionable Performance For an employee who performs within the established standard of behavior on the job and is otherwise performing satisfactorily, the employer should make a reasonable effort to resolve the issue without a determination being made that the employee is not satisfactory. There are two basic reasons for this: The employer is entitled to reasonable control over all aspects of employment. An employer cannot be liable for any wrong-doing by its employees which occurs within the established guidelines of behavior. An employee who is unsatisfactory in a particular area does not have to be fired. In most cases

Who needs an Employee review report?

This form is used by managers and team leaders to make an s?reduced review of a worker (quarterly or semi-annual). The employee review form is completed together with the employee.  

What is the Employee review report for?

This free employee evaluation form is used for improving communication with the worker and solving all questions concerning the job duties and, of course, for reviewing his or her skills.  

Is the Employee review report accompanied by other forms?

There is no need to attach other documents to this employee evaluation form. The filler may need additional sheets for comments, though.

When is the Employee review report due?

This employee performance evaluation form is completed every three months or six months (as the statute says.)

How do I fill out the Employee review report?

While filling out the form the reviewer has to provide the following information:

Employee’s name, department, job title and review period. He or she also has to answer a list of questions by choosing a certain rating for each: Unsatisfactory, Fair, Satisfactory, Good, Excellent, Not reviewed and add comments if necessary. The report must be signed by the reviewer and by the employee and dated.

Where do I send the Employee review report?

The completed and signed employee review form is attached to the employee file for future reference. One copy is given to the employee for personnel records.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing performance review template
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